Sabtu, 27 Maret 2010

How To Delete Facebook Account

Delete all your friends by clicking an "x" then choose "remove friend".

- Delete all photos in your album pages. Way, go to the page image, and select the album and select "Delete this album".

- Remove all the comments that you send, the way into the profile page and select an "x" and select "delete" on each box wall and your comments.

- Unplug your membership of the groups, fans, and supporters in the INFO page. The way to visit your group then select "remove".

- Remove all the info about you. Select "info" to edit.

- Remove all tag in your photo page

- then went into and select delete your account permanently. enter your password and enter the password visible.

- Once confirmed, facebook will tell you that if you are not logged in for 14 days, then your account will be deleted and can not be recovered.

- After that facebook will be logged out automatically.

- Please perikasa 14 days later by logging in to your account. If facebook does not mean you can successfully delete.